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Architecture & design - online resources for the minds that imagine & build our future world.

Architecture and design resources at a click of a button for young designers and students.

Archiol is an online aid for design inspiration and opportunities to showcase design solutions at global scale. A community of young designers helping each other in the process of innovation and solutions in the field of architecture & design.

Join us and be a part of this global network of designers.

Our Belief

We believe in the power of Architecture and the importance of Architects and Architecture Students in society. Architecture is a major part of human existence as we live in and are surrounded by it. Architects play an essential role in building our world.

Our Aim

To exhibit the importance of Architecture and Architects in society. To present the process of Architecture Design, the underlying concepts, ideas, and imagination of great minds that go into creating the designs of the space that we live in.

Our Objective

Archiol is a platform for Architects and Architecture students to present new ideas, concepts, and principles. Our objective is to promote these ideas for exposure and to create value.  ​  

We are building a platform to exchange ideas. Present your flair and gain architectural information and knowledge.


Archiol was founded by a young graduate in the year 2019, with the hope of building a community of young architects willing to support each other in this journey of designing the world that we live in. Currently there are a bunch of websites dedicated to architecture design but our intention is to build a platform focusing on the youth of architecture. We are providing a platform for not only professionals but also students to publish their innovative design solutions to the world.

Architecture is usually considered a profession that blooms late. Designers need exposure to showcase their talent and capacity to solve issues as early as possible. So we have developed this platform with hopes for youth of architecture.

To be a part of our community you can submit your work on our submissions page.

Our Team

Our team consists of Architects, designers, content creators, editors and more. A ever growing team of creatives that strongly believe in the field of architecture and design.

Sweta Mahesh

Skylar Cavanaugh

Hannah Martins

Sai S.

We currently have 18 interns working in our team from different parts of the world.