Architecture is more than just a building; it is capable of serving deeper functions. We are surrounded by Architecture around us, we walk through it, we live in it, and we are a part of it. It should not be ocular centric and should focus on a complete sensorial experience. A connection between space and human beings is rooted in architecture. Architecture influences our behavior and also our senses.  

The competition, ‘Sensory Architecture’ is looking for essay submissions on the positive impact that architecture has on our senses.


The competition aims at exploring architecture with our senses.



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E-Certificate of achievement
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E-Certificate of achievement
Feature in Archiol E-zine

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  • Competition is open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually.

  • Architects, Interior Designer and design students are perfectly suited for this competition.

  • You can work individually or in group, a group of maximum 3 people (Registration in the name of the individual representing the group, please mention the name and details of group members under the comment section in registration form).

Submission Details

What is your understanding of Sensory Architecture? How can Architecture heighten Human Experience? What is your definition of this space that positively affects human senses?

What can be submitted?

  • Text of up to 1000 words or less. (800 words min.)or up to 800 words or less(min 500)

  • both the formats are accepted as the we updated the word count after publishing the competition.

  • Illustrations

  • Graphics

  • Diagrams

Submission Guidelines:

  • The title must be included as the heading of the sheet.

  • Your Participation Code should be written in the top right corner of this sheet.

All submissions should be digital:

  • Text submissions, including footnotes, citations, and illustration notes, must be submitted digitally in .doc format.

  • Images must be submitted in .jpeg format

  • Vector-only graphics should be submitted in .pdf formats.




19th February 2021



20th February 2021



28th February 2021


Registration Details

After completing the registration, you will  receive a confirmation e-mail.

Registration confirmation will be mailed to you within 24 hours.

Please feel free to contact us for any queries.


No entry fees, direct registration.



Can text be included in the Graphical Representation Sheets?

Yes, text labels, markings, symbols and short descriptions are allowed.

Can I add images to the write up sheets?

Yes, you can add images to the writeup, you have to submit separate jpeg. files of the same images.

Is this competition open only for students or professionals?

No, the competition is open for all.

How to create the participation Code?

Create your participation code: Participation code: Ex: First Name: John Last Name: Walker Country : U.S. Date: 19.02.2021 (Registration date) then Participation code is: 1902_US_JOW Participation Code is a combination of: First 4 numbers of date _ first 2 letters of country _ first 2 letters of first name +first letter of last name

Is the Jury's assessment open to the public?

No, it isn’t. Participants not selected for the finals are not going to be notified about the details of the jury’s assessment.

How many members can be involved in my submission?

Maximum three members. Details of them to be added in the comments section of the registration form in the following format: 1. First Name | Last Name | Email 2. First Name | Last Name | Email

For any queries mail us here

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