Role of Architecture in Nation Building

Role of Architecture in Nation Building


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96 companies from 11 countries applied to participate in the competition for the development of the strogino embankment

20.10.2020, Tue

96 companies from 11 countries have applied to participate in the Open International Architectural Competition for the development of the Strogino embankment. They will have to develop a project for comprehensive improvement of the territory, preserving the unique natural landscape intact, but making it safe and comfortable for recreation.

Photo credit: Agency for strategic development CENTER

October 15 was the application deadline. The competition site is part of the Moskvoretsky Natural Historical Park specially protected natural area (SPNA). Therefore, the participants are required to know the features of protected areas, being as careful as possible towards flora and fauna, thoroughly analyzing landslide processes to design the territory fully accessible for people with limited mobility.

"Specially protected natural areas do not mean that they should be wild, abandoned and inaccessible for recreation. They need to be taken care of, so the competition is an attempt to find a balance between comfort for people and good for nature. It aroused great interest among the professional community not only in Russia, but also in different parts of the world. Despite a short period given to submit applications, the Organizing Committee has approved 36 applications from 26 cities located in 11 countries. The Netherlandsbecame the leader among foreign participants submitting as many as 7 applications. Three participants will represent Germany, the United States, the UK, Franceand Italy. Two companies from Switzerlandand one each from Singapore, India and Kazakhstan will also join the fight for victory," 

-Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscowand Chairman of the Competition Jury.

Those wishing to develop the concept of the Strogino embankment had to submit a portfolio of completed projects relevant to the competition task, as well as to prepare a short essay describing their vision of the updated embankment. After filling out the application form, 96 companies from 11 countries joined the list of participants. A total of 36 applications were submitted: 12 applicants will participate in the competition individually and 84 – as part of 24 multinational consortia. There were even more people who wanted to take part in the competition – 134 participants from 22 countries registered on the site, but some of them failed to pass the selection process.

"Based on the results of communication with the park residents, their concerns about the planned human interference in this specially protected natural area are quite understood. Every tree should be saved! Along with distrust, the residents are dissatisfied with the current state of things – a crumbling embankment, irrelevant old-fashioned design of the park, its ecological paths and fishing sites. The competition is believed to generate a new bank of ideas to develop a modern design concept for the park with its picnic gazebos, benches, children's and sports grounds. It will allow planning new bicycle and pedestrian paths along the existing routes together with local residents."

-Dina Sattarova, CEO of the State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the City of Moscow (GRADPLAN Moscow)

The application deadline was October 15 for every team to participate in the competition – the official website This week two important events of the competition take place: yesterday Expert Council held a meeting and prepared its recommendations to a jury. The jury meeting is scheduled for October 21, during which three finalists will be selected to share their ideas concerning the Strogino embankment first, and then to start developing their projects. On December 2, the winner will be selected.

The competition has been initiated by the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow (Moskomarkhitektura) and is organized by the State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the City of Moscow(GRADPLAN Moscow). The Agency for Strategic Development CENTERis the competition operator. The jury consists of ecologists, landscape architects, representatives of public authorities, experts in the field of architecture, economics, marketing, real estate and urban planning. The jury has been headed by the Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

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