The orientation seminar - The Master Plan for the Stepnoy Zay River Valley in Almetyevsk

20.02.2020, Thu



On Feb 19th 2020,  Almetyevsk hosted the first day of the orientation seminar for the competition finalists. The representatives of the consortia spent the whole day in the competition area, visiting the key objects which they are going to work with.

The “working day” of the representatives of the finalists started their day with a welcoming speech by Timur Nagumanov,  the head of the Almetyevsk municipal district, Guy Eames international competition curator and Sergei Georgievskii the head of the Organizing Committee of the competition.

The first place to visit was the equestrian center, after which the finalists went to the 'Snezhinka' sports complex. The head of the Expert Council of the competition, Marat Girfanov, told the finalists about the features of the complex, its fundamental importance for the citizens and showed the most picturesque places with a view of the city.

The program also included the visit to important objects, the creation of which was initiated by PJSC Tatneft. The chief architect of Almetyevsk, a member of the jury of the competition Anton Sevastyanov, spoke about the construction of the campus of the “Research and Training Center” for the future Higher Petroleum School. The finalists examined the main oil production facilities and made a memorable photo near the headquarters of PJSC Tatneft, the initiator of the competition.The last event of the busy program was a discussion of the prospects for the development of the competitive territory, in which the representatives of PJSC TATNEFT and the Almetyevsk Administration took part. The finalists asked all questions of their interest and received expert comments from the jury members and representatives of the competition Organizing Committee.

Day 2 of the orientation seminar, the finalists are to have an excursion around Almetyevsk, which will include a visit to the Museum of Local Lore, a cascade of ponds, a city park, inspection of street art, as well as a the meeting with the representatives of the Department of Ecology and Nature Management, Almetyevsk Forestry and the Sports Department.

FEB 20th 2020- DAY 2


On Feb 20th 2020,   Almetyevsk held the second day of the orientation seminar, during which the finalists walked through the city center and visited key public spaces, many of which appeared recently, and also had an opportunity to meet with regional experts in the field of ecology and sports.

The day started with a fascinating excursion at the Museum of Local History of the city of Almetyevsk. The finalists learnt about the history of the city, studied the household items of Almetyevsk citizens of the XVIII-XIX-XX centuries. The finalists also had a unique opportunity to experience the national flavor of the Republic of Tatarstan, trying on the outfits of the peoples living on its territory.

During the whole day the finalists were accompanied by the chief architect of the city, Anton Sevastyanov. He showed the finalists the 'Zdoroviye' Park, the tourist and recreational area near the beach and a cascade of ponds.

The finalists were particularly interested in sports facilities: the 'Neftyanik' ice palace, where future hockey players are being trained, and the 'Miras' sports complex, equipped with all the latest technology.

At the end of the day, the finalists met with the representatives of the Department of Ecology and Nature Management, as well as the Sports Department.

The finalists have a little less than two months left to prepare competitive proposals, which they will have to defend before the expert jury on April 23.



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