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Master Plan for the territory adjacent to the Almetyevsk reservoir will be developed by the consortium headed by OBERMEYER Consult LLC

27.09.2020, Sun

The final jury meeting of the Open International Architecture Competition for the development of a Master Plan for the territory adjacent to the Almetyevsk reservoir on the Stepnoy Zay River took place today. Experts reviewed the three finalists’ concepts and chose the best design. The jury selected the consortium headed by OBERMEYER Consult LLC.

The finalist teams – consortia headed by IND Architects LLC, OBERMAYER Consult LLC, and IQ Studio LLC – presented the results of almost ten months of work in person. The experts evaluated the finalists’ work according to a number of criteria based on the key principles of development of an important urban territory, namely: optimization of resource use, formation of a single landscape layout structure, long-term positive social and economic effects for city residents, balanced development of functional zones, and integration with the infrastructure facilities of the adjacent territories.

master-plan-for-the-territory-adjacent-to-the-almetyevsk-reservoir-will-be developed-by-the-consortium-headed-by-obermeyer-consult-llc

Photo credit: Agency for strategic development CENTER

”The competition participants were tackling a difficult task. They had to integrate the new territory with our life, our city, our ecosystem, our infrastructure. Each of them solved this task in their own way. Summing up the competition results is only the beginning. We will discuss, including with local residents, the following steps."

-Nikolay Glazkov, Deputy General Director of TATNEFT for Capital Construction

As part of the competition, the participants presented different design concepts for the territory of more than 1,700 hectares (including about 270 hectares of forested land outside the city limits) adjacent to the Almetyevsk reservoir on the Stepnoy Zay river in Almetyevsk, the most improved city of Tatarstan.

Based on the finalists’ presentations, the jury chose the competition winner. It is the consortium headed by OBERMEYER Consult LLC (Moscow, Russia), including:

• Cushman & Wakefield LLC (Moscow, Russia)

• OBERMEYER Planen und Beraten (Munich, Germany)

• ICES IPO (Moscow, Russia)

• GK Goroda LLC (Moscow, Russia)

The key idea of the winning project is “greening” and intellectualization as a new type of attitude towards the environment in the context of the development of the competition territory. The competitive advantages of the project are the result of a synthesis of the ideas of the consortium’s cross-disciplinary team, social analysis, the competition organizer’s tasks, and the opinions of world rating agencies.

The economically beneficial “greening” of the environment is directly related to the intellectualization of society, which begins with educational programs for the schoolchildren of Almetyevsk and will be developed in parallel with the life cycle of the park and the territory. The popularization of “green thinking” ideas starts for schoolchildren at the Museum of the Future, in online lecture halls and projects for monitoring changes in the environment, the life of animals, and the flora of the park. The principles of environmental education will naturally continue at the Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute as part of vocational and higher education.

“Thanks to Tatneft, Almetyevsk is for the first time hosting an international competition aimed at the development of our city, where world-class opportunities and the implementation of the best practices are opening up before us.”

Timur Nagumanov, Head of the Almetyevsk Region of the Republic of Tatarstan

The second place finalist of the competition is the consortium headed by IND Architects LLC (Moscow, Russia), including:

• Bureau B+B (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

• JTP Studios (London, United Kingdom)

• ARCHDESANT LLC (Kazan, Russia)

The consortium proposed a comprehensive solution for the restoration of the landscape and flood prevention. Their design includes the connection of the territory to the city with walking and cycling routes, as well as a new network of roads and public transport. The master plan is designed in such a way as to integrate the existing infrastructure and provide new points of attraction. The territory will be given new functions and meanings that will improve the living standards of citizens, motivate young people to stay in Almetyevsk, improve health and raise awareness, and make the city more attractive for living. The master plan includes the following design solutions: a health center, an energy-efficient hotel, a PROFCamp youth camp, a new educational campus, the Almetyevsk Hall event site, an urban eco-farm, a pontoon pool, a landscape park, the reconstruction of the Maidan, the spring-board center, the equestrian center and hippodrome, and, of course, the construction of new residential areas of various typology and numbers of floors.

The third place finalist of the competition is the consortium headed by IQ Studio LLC. The members of the consortium are:

• Graeme Massie Architects (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

• Adjoubei ScottWhitbyStudio (Moscow, Russia; London, United Kingdom)

• AECOM (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

• Alphabet City (Moscow, Russia)

The project concept is an innovative model of sustainable development for the prosperous city of Almetyevsk. The development of Almetyevsk to the north is accompanied by the creation of new development clusters on the banks of the Almetyevsk reservoir and in the valley of the Stepnoy Zay River. These “islands” define a new image of the city—a city that combines architecture, landscapes, and waterscapes into a coherent example of an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. The territory has the potential to turn from a peripheral territory to the central territory in the life of the city, defining its image for both Almetyevsk residents and guests from all over the world. The main idea was to create a unique space for living, working and recreation in harmony with nature and the city.

“For six months, we have been waiting for this day, when the competition finalists present their projects and the best one is chosen. It is very important that true professionals and experts from all over have directly participated in this unique process. I hope that the competition winner’s solutions will be implemented and Almetyevsk will become an example for other cities in Russia and the world.”

Guy Eames, Founder of the Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC), international competition curator

The main goal of the project for the improvement of the territory adjacent to the Almetyevsk reservoir is the transformation of the of the territory into a landmark public space for the city’s residents; this public space is to promote Almetyevsk’s mission to become a city with a high standard of living, be recognizable from outside the city, and form part of the city’s image.

“Almetyevsk is developing very rapidly and, of course, it needs new public spaces for the recreation of residents and guests of the city. The most effective way to develop a city with such ambitions is to hold an international professional competition, which will provide the city with a world-class strategic project.”

-Sergei Georgievskii, CEO of the Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER", Head of the Competition’s Organizing Committee

The competition began at the end of November 2019. There were 44 applicants, from 37 cities, in 16 different countries. The total number of potential applicants who registered for the competition reached 243, representing 48 countries and 6 continents. The competition’s organizing committee received properly filled-out applications from 115 companies: 9 individual entries and entries from 35 international consortia composed of 106 companies. The competitors represent 37 cities from 16 countries. 73 of the companies are from Russia. Over one third of the competitors who submitted an application were from abroad.

The initiators of the competition are Tatneft PJSC and the Administration of the city of Almetyevsk. The Competition is supported by the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. The operator of the Competition is the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER.

Below are the three proposals:








· Kushman & Wakefield (Moscow, Russia)

· OBERMEYER Planen und Beraten (Munich, Germany)


· LLC "GK Goroda" (Moscow, Russia)

Project Details:

The key idea of our project is ecologization and intellectualization in the context of the development of the competition territory, as a new format of attitude to the environment. The competitive features of the project are the result of a synthesis of ideas from the consortium's multidisciplinary team, social Analytics, the tasks of the competition organizer, and the opinions of world rating agencies. All decisions of our master plan are based on economic, social, environmental, and educational factors. Thanks to a comprehensive approach, all elements of the project are United by a common idea. The complexity of design solutions justifies the viability of the project in the future with future changes, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Economically profitable greening of the environment of the competition area is directly related to the intellectualization of society, which begins with the educational programs of Almetyevsk schoolchildren and develops in parallel with the life cycle of the Park and the territory. Popularization of ideas of ecological thinking starts for schoolchildren in the Museum of the Future in lectures and projects on monitoring changes in the environment and life of animals, the flora of the Park in Online mode. Further, the principles of environmental education will naturally continue in the Almetyevsk state oil Institute in secondary special and higher education.

We want the youth of Almetyevsk to respect and love the city and its historical mission. In the new paradigm of eco - thinking, the requirements for environmental quality will be different, so environmental management in oil production is also a necessary pattern in the education system and programs of the oil Institute. Operating oil production rigs, ecorehabilitation programs and the surrounding environment with the sturgeon reserve are a natural testing ground for future specialists to research and study the interaction between the industry and the environment.

The master plan and concept suggest a variety of year-round scenarios and routes around the territory for all ages. There will be a new festival site, an updated Maidan, a well-maintained beach and seaplane piers in the coastal zone. The Park has land and air paths for walking and Cycling routes. The infrastructure of the Campus area includes an art quarter and a box Park, where creative small businesses will find their place in co-working spaces, mini workshops, cafes, restaurants and shops. This area is naturally connected to the city and is the Central entrance area to the Park, so the format of the art quarter and box Park will give an impetus to the development of small businesses, attract creative youth and students of the campus of the Almetyevsk State oil Institute.

Sports, recreation, entertainment, education and Commerce, ecology-are United in our project and exist inextricably, developing together with the environment.

©IND Architects

©IND Architects

©IND Architects

©IND Architects



Consortium members:

· Bureau B+B (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

· JTP Studios (London, Great Britain)

· ООО  Archdesant (Kazan, Russia)

· АО Knight Frank (Moscow, Russia)

· Shanghai DaPei Architectural Design Co  (Shanghai, China)


The masterplan of revitalization of the territory adjacent to Almetyevsk reservoir on the river Stepnoy Zay is created according to the concept of sustainability – the development of the territory goes in different directions that will improve the ecology and economy of the territory as well as make it accessible and attractive for people.

We offer a comprehensive solution for the landscape revitalization and preventing floods. Hiking and cycling routes will consolidate the territory and the city, as well as a new network of roads and public transport will do. The master plan integrates the existing infrastructure and also offers new points of attraction. We introduce new functions and meanings into the territory which will enhance the living standards of people, motivate young people stay in Almetyevsk, improve the health and mindfulness of the citizens, make the city more attractive for living. A health center, an energy-efficient hotel, a youth camp PROFCamp, a new educational campus, the Almetyevsk Hall event space, reconstruction of Maydan, a ski jumping center, an equestrian sports complex and hippodrome, an urban eco-farm, a pontoon pool, a landscape park and, certainly, the construction of the new residential areas of different typology and number of floors — all these objects are described in the masterplan.

We calculated economic models that will help the city to find new financial resources and diversify the economy and profitability also as a result of integration of some projects into the federal and governmental programs for the development of territories and objects. We carefully elaborated the functional program of the territory and its seasonal events schedule.

We follow a co-participation approach. Thus, before starting our work, we got in touch with citizens to know better their needs, desires and dreams. They are reflected in the masterplan as well as the methods and instruments which will improve the way citizens can participate in management of the territory.

The album describes the three-levels strategy of decision-making “Good-Better-Best”. There is a road map that overviews the three phases of the masterplan realization during


The masterplan represents an integral picture for the territory development in order to meet the goals and objectives of the city, but yet the republic and country. We create an environment for the full-fledged development in the field of education, entrepreneurship, experience and knowledge exchange. We turn on the territory, turn on the life — ALMETYEVSK ON!








Graeme Massie Architects (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

Adjoubei ScottWhitbyStudio (Moscow, Russia; London, United Kingdom)

AECOM (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

Alphabet City (Moscow, Russia)

An Urban Archipelago

Our proposal for a new Urban Archipelago within the territory of the Stepnoy Zay River Valley presents an innovative model for the sustainable development of the already prosperous city of Almetyevsk.

For the strategic plan for 2020-2030 to be successful it must be more than a spatial plan for the extension of the city. It must present strategies which can offer a new way of life for the existing inhabitants, create an environment to support investment and new businesses and present a unique image to attract visitors and expand the tourist economy. Our proposal offers a vision which is at once distinct and unique to Almetyevsk, yet also economically viable and flexible in its delivery.

A flexible city extension to the north of Almetyevsk is complimented by new clusters of development on the shore of the city reservoir and in the river valley. These ‘islands’ help define a new image for the city – one which draws architecture, landscape and waterscape together into a holistic impression of a clean and connected future. It has the potential to transform the territory from one which is peripheral to the civic life of the city to one which defines the city’s image to both citizens and the wider world.

Most importantly, it is a vision of a place for people – living, working and enjoying the proximity of city and nature.


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