Axelrod Architects

Tel-Aviv and San Francisco

Shortly after Tel Aviv-born Irit Axelrod graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in the Technion/Israeli Institute of Technology, she landed her first architectural commission, the Ben Gurion Heritage Institute building in south of Israel. Twenty years later, Axelrod continues to bring her sense of “quiet power” to all her projects, now splitting her time between Tel-Aviv and San Francisco, where she set up her stateside office (Axelrod Design) in 2006.

Growing up in Tel Aviv, Axelrod was surrounded by the city’s early 20th century, International Style architecture. The beauty of the buildings’ raw concrete construction, part of her daily experience, made a marked impression on the young Axelrod. The monolithic forms continue to influence her work today. The buildings, whose origins are rooted in the Bauhaus tradition, find expression in all her commissions, including single-family residential, institutional and commercial.