Emergencies strike suddenly and without warning. They level cities to the ground and tear down buildings as though they were made of sand. In almost no time at all everything is destroyed and all that remains is the realisation that you have to get up and start all over again from scratch.

In recent years the occurrence of deluges and flooding have increased dramatically. analogously, conflicts and financial crises persist and lead to the development of serious humanitarian emergencies which put the lives of millions of people at risk. Resolving an emergency of any kind means re-establishing peace and security. The crisis must be dealt with in a timely and coordinated manner that includes reception, sensibility, and awareness. What we are looking for, therefore, is the design of a structure that will house an EOC (Emergency Operations Center) and that can help to facilitate the humanitarian operations of international organisations, allowing them to act with the utmost efficiency. The EOC structure is intended to be a model which supports the countless humanitarian initiatives that international organisations implement in an effort to create a better world.


The objective of the competition is the creation of an architectural model that can facilitate the interventions of international organisations during humanitarian emergencies in Sub-Saharan Africa. The winning project will be donated to the Balouo Salo Non-Profit Organisation, which will share it, at no cost, with partners and other organisations working towards the resolution of emergencies, with the intention of providing a model that is capable of making a positive contribution to critical situations. The organisation may reserve the right to have the winners participate in presentations and at technical meetings devoted to sharing and evaluating the project in terms of its financial and technological feasibility.

The organisation reserves the right to adopt and share the other winning projects as well. The competition is organised without the objective of financial gain, in order to support the humanitarian activities of the Balouo Salo organisation, to whom all proceeds will be donated. The objective of the competition is also to sensitise the international community to the role which architecture plays in development and in emergency resolution.

Emergency Operations Center

People who are victims of war, floodings, earthquakes, and tsunamis; refugees forced to abandon their own home due to epidemics, revolutions, dictatorial or racial oppression, or genocide: these are just some of the emergency situations that kill millions of people and create millions of evacuees each year.

Many organisations are working hard to tackle an incredibly wide range of emergency situations, with the primary objective of saving and protecting human lives, alleviating situations of suffering, maintaining human dignity and a respect for the international rights of man, and avoiding that crises expand, continue, or worsen. Their actions, therefore, focus on reconstructing the community from a psychological, sanitary, and logistic point of viewTheir actions generally consist in providing healthcare, distributing supplies and primary goods, organising refugee camps, rebuilding structures and basic infrastructure, etc. Emergency humanitarian aid is organised at international level and involves various components of civil society, associations, volunteers, and non-government organisations.

The United Nations coordinates large scale humanitarian aid through OCHA (the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), while the European Commission acts through ECHO.

The objective of the competition is to design an operational centre for the management of humanitarian emergencies in Sub-Saharan Africa.The structure is intended to house and facilitate all of the most important initiatives which international organisations and local authorities must implement in order to deal with emergencies and provide aid to affected communities. The spaces must be versatile and multifunctional, capable of adapting to specific needs and to the type and context of the emergency. The structure must be designed as a temporary or semi-permanent structure, eventually capable of being dismantled and reassembled if need be, in order to manage the logistics of the emergency as well as possible, whether on a small or large scale.


All of the registration fees and the proceeds of the competition are donated to the Balouo Salo Assocation, established with the objective of resolving environmental or social emergencies, with no financial gain, contributing to the improvement of living conditions in distressed developing communities, with particular reference to safeguarding the environment, health, and culture. The approach is humanitarian and on a volunteer-basis, founded on parity and equality, with the ultimate objective of restoring the self-sufficiency of the community. Among the supported projects are the creation, in Senegal, of: a multi- purpose cultural centre in Tanaff; the creation of solar powered wells equipped with water purification and sterilisation systems in the Sedhiou region; training and awareness-raising activities in Sedhiou’s communities; the creation of a powerful dam as part of the battle against climate change in the Sedhiou region; the creation of a peace pavilion in Sedhiou; the creation of agricultural greenhouses in Adeane;and the planting of a new forest in the Goudomp Department. For more information on Balouo Salo, please visit www.balouosalo.com.


1st PRIZE : € 2,500

(considered such as cover expenses)

Internship at Kengo Kuma Associates, Tokyo

Possible realization of the project

Publication on websites and architectural format

Exposure in architectural events

2nd PRIZE: € 1,000

(considered such as cover expenses)

Publication on websites and architectural format

Exposure in architectural events

3rd PRIZE : € 500

(considered such as cover expenses)

Publication on websites and architectural format

Exposure in architectural events


Digital certificate

Publication on websites and architectural format

Exposure in architectural events


Digital certificate

Publication on websites and architectural format 

Exposure in architectural events


digital certificate

Publication on websites and architectural format 

Exposure in architectural events

All the awarded proposals will be published in the official book of Kaira Looro, and will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites, will be hosted in international exhibitions.



Submission deadline: 27/04/2020 (h 23.59 GMT)


Jury summoning:  3-9/05/2020


Results announcement:  16/05/2020


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