Launch February 6, 2020

Submission Deadline: Jul 21st 2020

Public Voting begins: Aug 11th 2020

Public Voting ends: Sep 5th 2020

Result Announcement: Sep 17th 2020




Wine is deeply and historically rooted in our society. It represents a symbol of tradition, connection, craft and high spirits. The art of winemaking and viticulture has evolved as a part of life, culture and diet since the ancient times. Nevertheless, in this long historical path, one thing remains unchanged and has never been neglected; the association of wine with gastronomy, history, origin, local quality products and dignified social settings.

It has been referred to as a beautiful factory for its sustainable and less polluting features when compared with other industries.

But can a winery or a vineyard be more than just wine?



A winery and a vineyard share a unique relationship with each other. A winery is an exploration of boundaries between a man-made structure and natural landscape. Winery architecture plays a key role in total tasting experience.

The industry has been responsible for growing the tourism market rapidly in places like Cape Town. Wine business proves to be a bright light in a very gloomy economy of South Africa. The beauty of wine tourism is that, it not only helps to establish a personal connection with consumers, provides a taste of cultural diversity, but also has the potential to significantly grow the job market.

Kayamandi, a place not more than 55kms away from Cape Town yet miles away in terms of economy, tourism and job availability. The township is located in the proximity of a huge water body acting as natural source of irrigation, overlooking one of the most beautiful vineyards in the world. Kayamandi sits on a hill full of potential for creating a modern-day winery that not works for providing an experience but also for the upliftment of the economically backward area and thereof developing the urban fabric of the township.

Challenge: Designing a modern-day winery that not only provides a complete consumer experience but also contributes towards socio-economic development of the community around it. Where the flow of visitors triggers social and cultural interaction.


Alejandro García Pedrón

Co-founder, CRUX Arquitectos, Spain

Anouk Legendre

Architect co-founder, XTU architects, France

Nicola Isetta

Founding Partner, REISARCHITETTURA, Italy


Prize pool of worth 20,000$

First Prize: 5000$ (For students and professionals)

Runner Up: 6 x 1100$ (For students and professionals)

People’s Choice: 4 x 600$ (Open for all)

Honorable Mention x 12: 500$ Each

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