Best Architecture Quotes for your Design Portfolio!

Best Architecture Quotes for your Design Portfolio!


theCharette’s RENDER BATTLE 2020-Winners Unveiled


Architecture Competition

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Radical Innovation is an initiative that challenges creative thinkers professionals and students included to develop enthralling ideas in hospitality and travel.


Radical Innovation works to empower creative thinkers across hospitality, travel and design. Radical Innovations annual competition mobilizes disruptors from around the world. This results into gathering of creative thinkers with passion for innovation, To learn more, please visit


Claude Amar, Managing Director, The Hardy Group International

James Woods, WeWork

Jena Thornton, Principal Hospitality, Kinzer Partners

John Hardy, President/CEO, The Hardy Group

Mark Friesen, Beyer Brown & Associates

Michael Medzigian, Chairman & Managing Partner, Watermark Capital Partners, LLC

Simon Turner, Managing Director, Alpha Lodging Partners, LLC


Audience members vote to determine the grand-prize winner, who takes home a $10,000 prize. The runner-up receives a $5,000 prize. Product category winner will receive $1,500 (student or professional)

The student winner, who is determined prior to the event by the jury, will earn a $1,500 prize and be invited to apply for a graduate assistantship in the Master of Architecture program at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. for more information visit the link mentioned below.



Submissions Deadline: April 23, 2020.


Result: Fall 2020

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