A4TC 2022
Architecture Thesis Competition


A4TC 2022 
Architecture Thesis Competition




Registration Deadine: December 31st 2022

Submission Deadline: January 5th 2023

Result Announcement: March 20th 2023

All deadlines are 11:59 PM  UTC  (Coordinated Universal Time)



A4TC-2022 is the second edition of Archiol - Artuminate’s architecture thesis competition.

The architecture thesis is the ultimate yet preliminary test of a student; the initial years that contribute to shaping a designer who can blend all the wisdom accumulated over the academic years to create a composition of architectural ideas known as the architectural design thesis. Artuminate launched this competition aiming to acknowledge the efforts and creativity of the future of architecture.

A4TC is an international architecture thesis competition that aims to promote innovative and new ideas developed with extensive research and thought.

Archiol - Artuminate is presenting the youth of architecture with an opportunity to showcase their creativity on a global scale.




Winning Prizes :

Bespoke Medal

Certificate of Achievement

Interview (text & video)


Winning Positions:

Top 3 (First / Second / Third)

+3 Honourable mentions

+10 Shortlisted  Entries

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