Architecture Affiliate Awards 2021


Architecture Affiliate Awards 2021

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Early Registration: January 1st to February 28th 2021

Fee: Starting at $10

Standard Registration: March 1st to April 30th 2021

Fee: Starting at $15

Submission Deadline: May 5th 2021

Announcement of Results: June 1st– June 4th 2021



Silk Matters organization is pleased to announce the first Architecture Affiliate Awards 2021. This award aims to promote the affiliated career opportunities for architects who want to do more than architecture, and recognize the many talents architects acquire through the course of becoming one.


Introducing the Renaissance Architect Prize, in keeping with the Renaissance man ideal; a special prize that aims to recognize the most skilled participant of the AA Awards.



Calling students and professionals from all nationalities to showcase their skillset in the following architecture affiliated categories:

1. Architectural Journalism

2. Architectural Photography

3. Architectural Modelling

4. Architectural Visualization


To be Announced


  • Total Cash Prize worth 100,000 INR

  • Certification

  • Feature article on the Silk Matters Annual Design Magazine

  • Exclusive Interview

  • Digital publishing on various media platforms

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