Experiential Architecture - Essay Competition


Experiential Architecture - Essay Competition




Registration Deadline: 31st December 2021

Submission Deadline: 10th January 2022

Result Announcement: 10th February 2022

All deadlines are 11:59 PM  UTC  (Coordinated Universal Time)



Architecture is more than just a building; it is capable of serving deeper functions. We are surrounded by Architecture around us, we walk through it, we live in it, and we are a part of it. It should not just focus on the aesthetics but also on a complete experience. A connection between space and human beings is rooted in architecture. Architecture influences our behavior and also our senses. The competition, ‘Experiential Architecture’ is looking for essay submissions on the positive impact that architecture has on our lives.

What is your understanding of Experiential Architecture? How can Architecture heighten Human Experience? What is your definition of this space that positively affects human senses? And many more such questions.




Recognition is the key to success for any design professional. Archiol is providing an opportunity to showcase your creativity at the global level. This opportunity is open to all design students and professionals


  • Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to acknowledge the excellent performance of all Winners, Honourable Mentions, and Top 20 entries.

Exclusive Interview

  • The Top 3 Winners will get an exclusive interview in both – written and video formats.

  • Photos, interviews, and more information about the winners will be published on our website.


  • The Winners and Honorable Mentions and the top 20 will be published on Archiol’s website and other international architecture websites partnered with us.

  • The best entries will be featured in Archiol’s Yearbook.

  • All the participants will receive e-certificates.

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