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Competition Announcement and preliminary brief release: 1 September 2020

Special registration period (40 €): 1 – 14 September

Early registration period (55 €): 15 – 30 September 

Regular registration period (70 €): 1 – 14 October

Last minute registration period – not available in bundle (100€): 15 – 18 October – 

Extended brief release and Submission opens: 17 October – 00.01 – 

Submission closes: 18 October – 23.59 PM 

Winner announcement: 9 – 13 November 

The timing always refers to Central European Time (CET)



Our world is changing fast, while ambitions and challenges match in importance. In this context, design can play a huge role. How do we imagine the world to be? What range of possibilities we haven’t discovered yet? What’s a Non Architecture for a World in crisis? In 2020 we started the second phase of competitions to address the issues of tomorrow.

In line with our style we propose 9+1 themes – ten critical topics to work on, but this time they come with a framework to make sure that each theme is explored from different design angles. Rather than a program, a research ecosystem composed of various competitions running in parallel and exploring the same theme from different perspectives.

Our exploration journey will start from a theme one, a special step in our research program: Living Together.


The aim of the “48h Floor Plan Battle” competition is to develop one drawing to communicate an architectural design. The participants are asked to draft one floorplan, with absolute freedom of interpretation, technique and level of abstraction. Even the concept of floorplan itself can be questioned in order to craft the most expressive way to represent the design.

This is a competition where the time limit is used to stimulate your creativity. The aim is to present a 48 hours response to the presented challenge, with a very strong focus on building function, creativity, criticality and innovation. Here you develop your skills as a communicator, designer and space thinker.

We are not interested in the construction details, we want to see the space organization. The drawing can highlight functional aspects of the building, showing a deep understanding of one or more design aspects. It can focus on the aesthetic qualities, experimenting and mastering a drawing technique with hyper-realistic outcomes, or it can be an optical deformation, a caricatural interpretation, a distant abstraction of the built architecture. The drawing can strengthen a conventional interpretation of architecture, or explore a new angle, a new point of view, intellectual and/or physical. The entry is completely flexible and adaptable to the participant’s interpretation.


  • Mari Mezalira – Act of Mapping

  • Marko Riboskic – Founder of Archi.boom

  • Carlos Gonzalvo – Architect and PHD candidate, Beta Architecture

  • Iñaki Harosteguy – Curator of SupraOrder

  • Sabine Fremiot and Léo Berastegui – Founders of The beauty of plan & The beauty of section

  • Alberto Martinez Garcia and Hector Rivera Bajo – Founders of Hidden Architecture

  • Andy Bruno – Founder of One House Per Day


WINNERS (1 Prizes)

1.000 euros worth in gift cards from one of the major online shops chosen by the winner.

Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.

Reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.


Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.

Reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.

EDITORIAL PICK (Up to 6 Prizes)

Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.

FINALISTS (Up to 36 Prizes)

Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions Journal.


The organization might establish additional special prizes and awards during the competition development and in the evaluation phase.

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