Frost - Design Contest for an Ice-Cream Parlour


Frost - Design Contest for an Ice-Cream Parlour




Registration starts: 8th Feb

Registration ends: 14th Feb 2022

Submission ends - 15th Feb 2022



Brief of the competition

An ice-cream parlour has the same impact on people it has been having for years. It gives a platform for the community to gather and enjoy their favourite flavour. It is the happiest place in any part of the world which also reflects the culture of the region effortlessly.


Though because of mass productions, spaces that create it are becoming important and there is a decline in places that sell it. How can design make the parlours that defined our childhoods relevant again?

Brief: How can an authentic ice cream experience be created for a local ice-cream parlour in a region driven context.

The aim is to help with the micro-planning of spaces & services, translating the emotions of ice cream into furniture and finishes. It seeks to explore an ice-cream parlour that matches today’s trends and also takes inspiration from its region's history.

How will the ever-changing yet universal power of ice cream translate into a parlour in today’s context?

Winner 6000$

Runner - Up - 1400$ x 6

People's Choice - 600$ x 4

Honorable Mention - 600$ x 12




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