Gaze - Design Challenge for a Night Sky Pavilion


Gaze - Design Challenge for a Night Sky Pavilion




Winner - $6000

Runner - Up - 1400 x 6

Honorable Mention - 600 x 12

People's Choice - 600 x 4



Brief of the competition


The nocturnal sky is sublime and inaccessible. When looking at it, we experience the most ancient sensation. The increase in public participation to experience this sensation is also a credit to it being a segment of sustainable tourism, as there is no damage to any form of resources.

People travel short or long distances to observe and enjoy the dark sky. Can we provide places of experience to act as a window to the stars?

If yes, then can we make these visits more worthy and comfortable? Can we create observation spaces that act as temporary habitats while maintaining the crux of the activity?

Brief: The aim of the competition is to create an observatory pavilion for night sky seekers.

Design a prototype that can be placed anywhere and replicated all over the site.




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