Hotel de Arte - Challenge to design an art hotel


Hotel de Arte - Challenge to design an art hotel




  • Registration closes - 11th April 2022

  • Submission Closes - 12th April 2022

  • Result Announcement - 9th Jun 2022




The tourism industry is on an all-time high owing to the shift in the work lifestyle of people in the present context. Urban residents have a sedentary and work-intensive way of living, where vacation presents itself, as an alluring escape. 

Travelling offers a respite from a busy schedule and also gives the opportunity to experience a new culture in a new setting. With the rising popularity of travelling, more cities are equipping themselves with amenities or attraction features that are conducive for tourism. 

The local culture is put on a front pedestal to engage tourists’ in the immersive experience of a distinct land. Art and performances are an important part of the tangible aspects of the cultural heritage of a place and are explored extensively by visitors of every region. 


Art is the soul of the cultural landscape of an urban setting. They promote local culture and tourism. It is exhibited in various public spaces in the city like museums, art events and galleries. 

These establishments are frequently visited by art enthusiasts and tourists for an immersive local cultural experience. 

But the representation of the artwork in institutional establishments is exclusive and limited. Only a handful of artists get the chance to present their work. Artists rely on their audience to portray their work and connect to their viewers. 

How can we provide new avenues for artists to connect with their audience?


  • Winner 6000$

  • Runner - Up - 1400$ x 6

  • People's Choice - 600$ x 4

  • Honorable Mention - 600$ x 12




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