International Competition of Integrated Urban and Architecture Masterplan for Suwon Dangsu District 2, Suwon, S. Korea


International Competition of Integrated Urban and Architecture Masterplan for Suwon Dangsu District 2, Suwon, S. Korea

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Announcement: December 30, 2020

Registration: Dec. 31(Thur) ~ Jan. 26(Tue), 2021

Entry Submission: March 30, 2021

Main Jury: April 6, 2021

Result Announcement: April 7, 2021



Green Walkable City & Sharing Green Space

The urban development methods complete with large scale blocks and separate complexes have divided the space of citizens into closed groups so that an isolated urban space where access and communication are blocked without community life. Zoning districts that are cut off from each other by roads due to the land use plan define the method of life in a uniform way to the extent that all of the places look the same. The housing supply method that divides house rental and purchase has been causing an issue that hinders the fusion of citizens, and the method of distributing subsidiary facilities by complexes is the reason for lacking diversity and the redundant supply of regional shared facilities. Moreover, it was true that nature was also organized as islands inside the designated blocks under the terms of parks and greens.

Now, the question of this competition is as follows.

This competition begins with questions including “What is the street space-centered shared city and how should it be established?” “How does that city make harmony with the natural ecological environment, how is it organized within the harmony and what is the significance of it?” We expect that the participants would provide diverse urban and architectural ideas based on human sciences and philosophical ideas to answer our questions.

Competition Directions:

1. All of the designs shall follow the related laws of Korea regarding cities and construction and the design guidelines.

2. The purpose of a design plan is to provide a new three-dimensional integrated city construction plan by connecting with various kinds of city plan related materials including the city master plan of Suwon-si.

3. The main objective is to develop residential areas that become a desirable model as a “street space-oriented sharing city” by considering the design conditions including the topography and surrounding situations of the project site.

4.It requires to suggest a new integrated urban and architecture design method that takes into consideration the domestic conditions including business value, feasibility, and the residential preference of Korean citizens, etc.


1. This design competition aims to realize a city model with the pleasant living environment under the theme of the “street-centered shared city” in order to create a dwelling environment that meets the future image of “Suwon Dangsu District 2.”

2. It is to suggest the urban and architectural methods to pursue an eco-friendly, eco-village and zero energy city, and suggest the eco-village model based on such methods.

3. It is to obtain an original and outstanding design work through the integrated urban and architecture design methods.



1. Lee, Kyuin, AJOU University

2.Jeon, Younghoon, Chung-Ang University

3. Kim, Juntaek, Chonnam National University

4. Chai, Byungsun, Jeonbuk National University

5. Kim, Youngook, Sejong University


Preliminary Jury

1. Baik, Kyungmoo, Shin Ansan University

2. Yang, Seungwoo, University of Seoul


1st Prize: priority rights for the masterplan and a pilot project design (7,278 million KRW (1 us dollar=1,200 KRW))

2nd Prize (1 entry): 110 million KRW

3rd Prize (2 entries): 70million KRW per each winner

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