PROJECT RUNWAY - A pavilion to uplift fashion education


PROJECT RUNWAY - A pavilion to uplift fashion education




Registration Closes: 30thNov, 2020

Submission Deadline: 15thDec, 2020

Result Announcement: 11 Feb, 2021



It all started back in Greece, when gender was applied to columns and emulated fabric into its fluting; establishing an inter-woven relationship between fashion and architecture. Both disciplines shelter the body, react to spatial volume, play with scales and work on transfiguration of 2D concepts into 3D reality.

Peirre Balmain, Gianfranco Ferre, Fernado Garcia, Versace and Coco Chanel share something in common. Before securing the title of fashion moguls of the industry, each of these individuals shared an architectural background. It can be said that architecture and fashion are cut from the same cloth and they sometimes co-depend for inspiration. If fashion is the source of knowledge then architecture is the structure that is responsible for sheltering as well as enhancing its quality.

Fashion education sector is booming and has grown enormously over the last decades. Although, we have witnessed increasing competition in the field of design, yet this isn't the major contributor towards unemployment after graduation. Are fashion students getting stitched up? How?


There exists a gap between academic and market/ realworld education in current college curriculums. Most of the graduates lack basic stitching and sewing skills that makes job procurement out of question. While the other half falls short in experience in terms of presentation, client interaction and spectator engagement.

Isn't there a solution to create an integrated business- education model? How should fashion schools integrate business learning into a creative education? Can we create a medium to formulate a bond between students and accomplished designers? How can fashion students develop a business mindset from early college age?

Brief: The challenge here is to design a pavilion to integrate academic knowledge with industrial experience amid fashion institutes.


To be announced.


Prize pool of worth 20,000$

First Prize: 5000$ (For students and professionals)

Runner Up: 6 x 1100$ (For students and professionals)

People’s Choice: 4 x 600$ (Open for all)

Honorable Mention x 12: 500$ Each

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