THE UNKNOWN– Architecture Render Challenge


THE UNKNOWN– Architecture Render Challenge

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Registration Deadline: 28th Feb 2022

Submission Deadline: 10th Mar 2022

Result announcement: 10th Apr 2022



Presentation skills are just as important as designing; one of the best mediums to present your architectural designs is through rendering. Architectural rendering aims to create life-like experiences of the buildings before they are built. Rendering aids the designer to convey his or her ideas, an image that represents the designers' imagination most realistically.

The Theme for Render Challenge: The unknown.

Why you should take this Challenge?
• To showcase you’re rendering skills.
• To challenge yourself, create a single image that represents your design thought process.
• To be able to create a single image that displays briefly and smartly a bundle of ideas.
• To present the idea of 'Quality over Quantity'

• One image that represents the unknown in architecture.
• Create one rendered architectural graphic design that says it all.
• The Rendering can be hand-drawn or digital.

Basic Submission requirements:
• One Rendered Image (Size: 30x30 cm)
• Text summary (100 words minimum)




Recognition is the key to success for any design professional. Archiol is providing an opportunity to showcase your creativity at the global level. This opportunity is open to all design students and professionals


Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to acknowledge the excellent performance of all Winners, Honourable Mentions, and Top 20 entries.

Exclusive Interview

The Top 3 Winners will get an exclusive interview in both – written and video formats.

Photos, interviews, and more information about the winners will be published on our website.


The Winners and Honorable Mentions and the top 20 will be published on Archiol’s website and other international architecture websites partnered with us.

The best entries will be featured in Archiol’s Yearbook.

All the participants will receive e-certificates.

and more.

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