The White Lands


The White Lands




Registration deadline: 21st June 2021

Submission deadline: 1st July 2021

Result announcement: 21st July 2021



The design challenge is to conceive a modular solution for housing Hajj pilgrims in the city of Mina. The stay duration is aimed at 6 days of air-cooled living, cost-effective, fireproof, hygienic, and incremental to begin with and can go as much as elevating pilgrim experience with whichever means found imperative.


Requirements / Eligibility

  • The competitions are open for students and professionals from all the disciplines of design.

  • The team limit for this competition is 4 members maximum per team.

  • You can register more than one team but they have to be registered separately.

  • Ensure that the final images submitted do not include your name or any other mark of identification. 

  • Your submission is linked to your UNI user account which stands as your identification, we do not have any identification codes.

  • This is a design idea challenge only. There is no built commission/realization associated with the problem.

  • In case of publication in the yearbook we will reach out separately for selected entries.

Submission / Key Dates

  • Use exploded views to discuss multi-levelled conceptual models better.

  • Mention sheet number on the corner of every sheet.

  • Plagiarism of any idea/form/design/image will be disqualified with a notice.

  • All the sheets or images will be viewed on a digital device. e.g. Laptop screen or projector. Uploaded sheets or images will not be physically printed for evaluation. The submission hence should be prepared for digital viewing only.

  • Submit JPEG images only. (PNG will not function).

About the Organizer

Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji Architects (INJ) is one of fastest growing architecture offices from Saudi Arabia, working in the field of high-end interiors and architectural design across various typologies. They provide not only architecture consultancy but cutting-edge engineering supervisions that is one stop solution to getting projects done.

This holistic approach, across multiple typologies allows them to create spaces that are ambitious, yet respond to their client’s every single needs.

INJ’s philosophy enables its team to think bold, creative and outside the box. Their works and design are thoroughly based on proper strategy, tried and tested formula and research analysis. The process they use while considering all of the above aspects also involves prioritizing for sustainability of the environment.

The practice is floating this challenge for education/research purposes to endorse ideas that can help towards building a positive dialogue towards Hajj restoration and growth in future. There’s no built commission associated with the competition and is purely ideas only.



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