UnIADA 2021 : Unfuse International Architecture Dissertation Awards


UnIADA 2021 : Unfuse International Architecture Dissertation Awards




Launch : 29 July 2020

Public Voting opens: 9 Aug 2020

Midstage leaderboard release: 20 August 2019

Last date of Institutional Participation - Form submission: 9 February 2021

Last date of submission (All projects): 16 April 2021

Public Voting Closes: 14 June 2021

Announcement of Results: 28 June 2021



Any iconic building that we see becomes so iconic not just for its face value but the amount of research that goes into making them. It brings the actual depth to what we refer to as great architectural examples. Now not all great ideas get a chance to be built, but this doesn’t mean that they lack depth or are not equally great. It is very crucial to design and build. However, articulating architecture is equally necessary. We believe that - great dialogues lead to better design ideas.

UnIADA- Unfuse International Architectural Dissertation Awards, hosted by Unfuse is an annual awards programme that rewards the best research papers written by a student at an UnderGrad and PostGrad level. It aspires to generate dialogue by bringing some remarkable works under the spotlight which otherwise are limited to a very selected audience. It aims to be a platform for generating awareness about and around the field of Architecture. Participate now. Details on the link below.


1. UnIADA is open to students of all institutions and nationalities in the field of Architecture, Landscape, Planning and Urban Design at large.

2. All the graduate/masters and undergraduate/bachelors dissertation completed by batches completing their course in years 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 are eligible to take part in UnIADA 2021.

3. Participation in UnIADA can be made in two modes. Individual / Institution

4. Dissertation in an individual capacity, as well as group, both are permitted. All the members have to be added to the form.

5. No entry fee for participation.




Finalists get featured in our Annual Publication – UnIADA Yearbook Series 2

Winners get featured in our platform with over 600k+ annual visitors, on our exclusive design blog – Post.uni, our social media pages listed below.


Finalists will receive certificates and publication in our annual journal.

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