Architecture Competition


‘What is to be Asked?’

Architecture and Urbanism Beyond COVID19

Open Call for Collaboration Research and Proposal

What is the question to be asked now?

In the crisis from living environment that we called earth, architecture and city are facing due to COVID19, What is To be Asked Platform_WTA Platform is set up, to reflect and gather wisdom from professionals, researchers and citizens globally.

1. Open Call schedule: 2020.08.17(Mon).-09.30(Wed)

2. Eligibility:

- Professionals, researchers and students from architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture fields

- In the case of professionals and researchers from various fields whom have influence on architecture, urbanism such as big data, health care, medical care, disaster prevention, facilities, etc.. can participate together in joint application

3. Participation registration: beyondcovid19-opencall.org

4. Submission materials: participation application form/ Key Concepts


※Participants to submit proof to verify participant’s qualification upon Key Concept submission

※We encourage active collaboration between different fields



Open Call schedule: 2020.08.17(Mon).-09.30(Wed)

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