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CASA NA GATEIRA | Camarim Arquitectos


CASA NA GATEIRA  | Camarim Arquitectos

Project ©: Camarim Arquitectos /Photos ©: Nelson Garrido



Project Name: CASA NA GATEIRA ( )
Project Location: Gateira, Penela, Portugal
Site Area: 2143 m2
Built Area: 403 m2

Project Completion: 2014
Project by: Camarim
Project Architects: Vasco Correia, Patrícia Sousa
Collaborators: Tiago Garrido, Jonas Grinevicius, Christoph Schwander

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Gateira is a hamlet placed on a beautiful hill planted with vineyards, pines and olive trees with splendid views over the southern tip of Serra da Estrela, the highest point in mainland Portugal.


The clients - a British couple - wanted a second home to give them space, open air and silence, in contrast to their life in London. The first question: how to design on such a dramatic landscape, with an unusual balance between nature, agriculture and traditional architecture? Our strategy was to interfere as little as possible: one enters the house in the upper part of the plot, through a wall that evokes the region’s traditional slate buildings, and descends onto the house’s core – a social space split in 2 levels. From this space, the house’s volume breaks and extends along the topography in a subtle yet effective separation between social and intimate spaces i.e. every space sits on a different level and has direct access to the outside. We may say that instead of a house in the landscape we thought of a house from the landscape, as though building a walk in the countryside.