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Photo credit: Paul KOZLOWSKI

Located in a pine forest on a land with a steep, the first task was the formation of a facilitating environment for the establishment of a home. The slope is both the first constraint and the crucial asset of the place to deal with an open landscape on the horizon.

Two choices were marked by the two axes in the site making: Primarily the backing of the slope, in order to work on the establishment of regular level. Like terraces in the landscape, a course consisted by Corten steel sheets is built to escort the visitor at home while framing the landscape discovery. Then, the choice of the sequence was created.

Rather than exposing the entire surrounding landscape, the choice is made to develop, in the house, a plot that consists of several stories where each sequence produces a fresh discovery. Three built undulating bodies take place in the slope and spread as slender overhanging the landscape. Interconnected by a simple entity, new spaces are made viable by the establishment of protected terraces and outdoor spaces.

To enjoy the view without creating overheating effect, a definite work setting thickness of the ends is created. So at each end of the rolling bodies expansion of the facade is made, constitute and protected by large sun breezes that can be opened fully with a rotation system: Wider in South to assure that sun protection, the thickness in the North provide a visual filter protecting the privacy of the place.

The materiality of the stone forming an imbalance in the door overhang, merged with huge bay windows protected by wooden sun breezes, provide a simple writing explaining the spatial quality and value of a specified environment.


Official project name: Construction of a new individual house
Location: Montferrier sur Lez (34) France
Client: Private
Architects / designers:
Elodie NOURRIGAT & Jacques BRION/architectes
Project Area: 170m2
Delivery date: May 2013
Photographer: Paul KOZLOWSKI ©photoarchitecture

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Best Architecture Quotes for your Design Portfolio!


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