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Lakeside Cabin | Atelier Schwimmer


Lakeside Cabin | Atelier Schwimmer

©Atelier Schwimmer



Project Name: Chalet Lakeside
Location: Lac-Brome
Area: 3200 ft2
Status: Completed 2019
Team: Felix Schwimmer, Francesca Fiaschi

Consultants: Yannick Pelletier –Structural Eng., Yves Leblanc -. Hydro.Eng., Steve St-Hilaire - PercoDesign.
Construction: Dunfab construction, Guillaume Dumas
Photo Credit: Adrien Williams

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On the banks of Lake Brome a new building will act as a symbol of and a medium for the attainment of a commitment. A commitment made by two brothers who have adopted outdoor activities as a part of their fast-paced city life. A set up in which friends could come together and share time with each other.

Bisected by a vertical atrium that opens on to the lake, the soul of the design is a concrete floor with a central fireplace that sets up a place to intermingle.

As the brothers enjoy the opportunities and amusements offered by a leisure society of skis, snowshoes, fishing rods, mud, luggage, grocery bags… the mundane vanishes when they enter the building.

Playing piano and guitar, sharing stories, eating together, playing board games, watching movies, the more, the cheerful, participants share the space and enjoy the views.


The tension embedded in the site arises from urban-size width that squeezes the house between a lot of other’s houses on its sides and its infinite view over the lakefront sheltered by a natural wall created by the tree-packed hill in the back.

We have designed the Black Cabin situated near a small town in the Eastern Townships, set amongst classical 19th- century residences and more newly built modest cottages. Conceived as an archetypical house, the building has three entrances, creating a loggia at the entrance and at the back, and a roofed terrace on the side.