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Born House | Gokostudio, Architecture and Interior Design

Barcelona, Spain

Born House | Gokostudio, Architecture and Interior Design

Photo credits: Valentín Hincú.



Project Name: Apartment in Born.
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Architects: GokoStudio,

Surface area: 50 m2
Refurbishment date: 2017
Photo credits: Valentín Hincú.

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The residence is located at the heart of the Ciutat Vella district just metres away from the former Born market, in one of Barcelona’s most fashionable neighbourhoods.

From the beginning, one of the most interesting propositions was the client’s focus on what her home should be like: an open free-flowing space.

From a functional point-of-view
Functional requirements recommended the complete redefinition of the space. The owner was keen to avoid floorplans typical of conventional homes. She was looking for flexibility in the use of space. A limited surface area of 50 m2 had to become her refuge, her work area, and a place to welcome friends without that requiring areas designed exclusively for each function. A guiding principle was the creation of various areas without establishing hierarchies to prioritise their versatility and conserve the intimacy of certain areas such as the bedroom.


From a spatial point-of-view
As far as the owner was concerned, SPACE is the height of luxury. Space based on order and discipline, which eschews abundance and manifests itself in an exercise of distillation that places a value on emptiness as a form of spatial wealth in which people are more able to live life to the full.

The diagnosis
It was clear from the U-shaped floorplan with its stumpy legs that the home’s outline had a huge potential: the possibility of a single free-flowing and light space with no need for physical partitions. The bends of the U inevitably reduced the sense of a ‘single space’ and endowed each sector with a ‘little intimacy’.