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Dion Project | Fabelta, Fenestration systems

Blainville, Canada

Dion Project | Fabelta, Fenestration systems

Photo credits: Dominic Boudreau



Project name: Dion Project

Architect: LEGUË architecture Inc.

Fenestration products: Fabelta

Fabelta representative: Éric Chapleau

Photographer: Dominic Boudreau

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The judicious arrangement of the rooms and the importance of natural light are the main ingredients in the design of this residence. The house as a whole has been designed to provide a warm and friendly environment for the small family.


With the expertise of Fabelta, which works in partnership with the design and architecture industry, this modern construction is fitted with glazing whose insulation exceeds energy standards. This essential feature of the building's windows ensures the comfort of the occupants and optimizes the contribution of energy savings throughout the year.

The essence of the Dion residence is obviously the use of an imposing fenestration system. This house, located in Blainville, has distinguished itself by its inviting and warm side that emanates from the place and by the mixture of textures offered by wood and stone. Inside, the open spaces and the abundant windows offer a 360 view of the land. Favoring a fluid circulation, this residence was carefully thought out by the architects at Leguë architecture Inc.