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Thesis by Harish Kumar


In India, public awareness in the field of architecture is extremely limited; Indian Architecture has a multitude of dimensions in the form of numerous regional styles and also reflects the undeniable influence of its interaction with global architecture through the eras. The country lacks a comprehensive architecture museum to tell its story.


The Architecture Athenaeum addresses this need in the form of a museum and information centre devoted to Architecture. It also includes a convention centre that provides a forum for members of the architecture community to interact, exchange ideas and exhibit their works.


Design Program

To create a unified platform for architecture& other design professionals, students and it enables them to showcase and discover projects. To set right for Indian architecture community, the space which leads to exchange of information ideas and knowledge.


· To celebrate and promote an awareness of architecture and design in everyday life through exhibits, educational programs and public outreach to the architecture community as well as the general public.

· To showcase important milestones in the field of architecture and works of important regional, national and international architects, while providing a forum for contemporary issues in architecture, urbanism and design that are helping to shape cities.

· To provide a platform for the convergence of creative minds of the architecture community to promote exchange of ideas and exhibit works.

· To offer an opportunity to students to raw inspiration from a variety of sources, and access to a wide range of educational and research facilities


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