Best Architecture Quotes for your Design Portfolio!

Best Architecture Quotes for your Design Portfolio!


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Photo Credit: Imagen Subliminal

Loopo showroom was born as a different concept of shoe store that seeks to combine the highly reputable shoemaking tradition of Spain with a more avant-garde design. It has its own brand and products, and among its shelves we will find more products than shoes, such as handbags, shirts, accessories, objects by independent designers ... etc  


An attractive and neutral space is sought, where the product becomes the main protagonist. To do this, we opted for the use of a grey continuous floor and a coating based on a 20x20 white ceramic piece, playing with the different rigs and geometries to generate a dynamic and attractive background in a subtle way.  


On this basis, vertical uprights from floor to ceiling are placed longitudinally on both sides of the space and rhythmically. These uprights allow different elements to be placed between them at different heights creating multiple combinations.  


In this way, depending on the needs of product exposure, these shelves will change and modify the lateral elevations of the premises, changing the space each time. This is how the product becomes the authentic protagonist of this space. 


Project:  Loopo Showroom | Zooco Estudio

Year:  2018

Project manager: Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito, Sixto Martín Martínez


Photo Credit: Imagen Subliminal

Construction:  RV   ESTUDIO

Lighting Design:  ZOOCO ESTUDIO (

Furniture Design:  ZOOCO ESTUDIO (

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