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Photo credit: Josh Tam / Josh Takes Photos

Maison Muse is a concept gallery for films in Shanghai.

Inspired by Carlo Scarpa, Eliasson, Kapoor, etc. and located in Shanghai, Maison Muse is a concept gallery for firms which is divided into four definite zones.

Zone 1:

The main lobby consisting of the Box office and cafe is “Gallery Muse”.  The area with stepped pyramid ceilings with artificial skylights and giant circular elements indicated as signage or abstract art pieces dominates the space.

Zone 2:

Resembling a relaxed exhibition area within a gallery is a corridor space for the concession bar which forms the “Long Studio”.

Photo credit: Josh Tam / Josh Takes Photos

Zone 3:

An operatic aria in ultraviolet blue edging to the IMAX Cinema is “Blue Lab”.  “Lab” presents film as a form of technology which must be updated or else will become outmoded.

Zone 4:

An intense tunnel-like space dyed in fuchsia leading to most of the cinema houses is “Neon Loft”. This area is inspired by the Avant Garde Cinema of the 80s and filled with neon portals creating oblique reflections bouncing off high gloss surfaces.


  • Project Name: Maison Muse
  • Type of Project: Art Cinema
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Interior Designers: Alexander Wong Architects Limited
  • Project completion date: 1st July 2018
  • Photographer: Josh Tam / Josh Takes Photos

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Photo credit: Josh Tam / Josh Takes Photos

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