Best Architecture Quotes for your Design Portfolio!

Best Architecture Quotes for your Design Portfolio!


THE ABSTRACT DESIGN STYLE - Conceptual Design Challenge

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Photo Credits: Imagen Subliminal

The project is carried out in a building situated in one of the most typical avenues of Santander and experiences a priviledged location with magnificent views of the bay. With almost a century old, the construction has been intended throughout its history to the teaching use, being in origin a school, later a university center and ultimately, a nursery.

With this mediation, a conversion is proposed to transform it into a residential public space, but is it a hotel or a student residence? The answer is “both”, since it serves as a residence during the university academic course and as a tavern during the summer.

This premise requires that the rooms can fix the requirements of its occupants in these two situations (shared a double room for a long-term accommodation and double room for a short period of holidays), with the versatility of headboards-cupboards and a simple movement of the beds.

Given the close relationship of the city and the building with the sea, it is designed at all times to refer to the marine theme in its essence, in an incorporated and purified way, through the use of materials such as oak and limestone, so dominant in the marine infrastructures through light colors with preponderance of blue and grey and pure and clean geometries.


Name: Balcón de la Bahía

Year of completion: 2018

Team: Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito, Sixto Martín Martínez ZOOCO ESTUDIO (

Collaborators: Beatriz Cavia, Beatriz Villahoz

Photo Credits: Imagen Subliminal


Lighting:  ZOOCO ESTUDIO (

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