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FAUNA RESTAURANT | El Equipo Creativo


FAUNA RESTAURANT | El Equipo Creativo

Photo credit: Adrià Goula, One Represent Agency



Interior Design : EL EQUIPO CREATIVO
Kimpton Hotels Design

Team: Ave Bradley + Henry Reeve Architecture & Construction Supervision: GCA Architects
Lighting Design: Artec 3
Graphic Design: Mucho

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A restaurant inspired by a traditional Barcelona house: patterns, textures, galleries and lattices generate a very cozy and domestic atmosphere.

All projects have specific challenges. In this particular Hotel, the ground level in contact with the street was especially small because the building had other commercial activities. So the restaurant, open to a local clientele, needed to be located on the second level of the Hotel, which is a very uncommon situation in Barcelona where upper floors are traditionally used for private activities only.


We decided to convert this challenge into an opportunity: going to this restaurant should be like going to a friend’s house for dinner. And this became the leitmotiv of the project.

We analyzed the different areas and material qualities of the typical Barcelona house where one might be invited by a local friend and introduced them into the design.

The restaurant welcomes customers with a vivid and changing-patterned tile floor, as a reference to one of the most characteristic elements of the traditional Barcelona house: the colourful tiled flooring patterns, different in each room of the house.