Best Architecture Quotes for your Design Portfolio!

Best Architecture Quotes for your Design Portfolio!


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OIZ Office | Yazgan Design Architecture


Photo credit: ivabox

OIZ Office serves for the Aerospace Specialized Organized Industrial Zone’s administrative personnel and board of directors, in Ankara, Turkey.

What generates the design and organizes the program is the idea of integrating nature into the work environment. Therefore, the spaces are arranged in programmatic clusters that are integrated with inner gardens. The gardens make sure that natural light reaches every corner within the building, blurring the distinction between inside and outside in a way. Each office table has an inner garden on one edge. While separated physically with horizontal inner gardens, thus achieving ideal dimensions and clear divisions for different functions; visual continuity is maintained through transparency.

A dynamic interior is achieved through including nature into design. The effect of the seasonal changes can be observed in many different ways like the illumination of the snow into the interior or the ever-changing shadows of the trees in a day. The courtyards also ensure natural ventilation in the building.

The clusters are organized as such: conference hall and meeting hall cluster, a cluster of offices for different departments, VIP rooms cluster, and cafeteria cluster. The depth of the clusters is utilized in such a way that the areas that do not require natural light, such as services and conference hall, are located either at the central core or inner edge in order not to hinder the relationship between the spaces and gardens. A continuous slab unites the clusters underneath and creates a free-flowing interior plaza that accommodates a small cafe, seating areas, and the foyer of the conference hall.

The structural system of the building has been solved in a design-oriented manner; the columns and beams that carry the roof are joined as frames so that they can be turned into urban furniture/seating benches serving the building users.


Location: Ankara, Turkey

Land Area: 71.287 m²

Client: Ankara Aerospace Specialized Industrial Zone

Project date: 2018-2020

Total Construction Area: 6.293 m²

Total Landscape Area: 63.346 m²

Architecture, Interior and Landscape design: Yazgan Design Architecture

3D Image Credits: Ivabox, Yazgan Design Architecture

Structural Project: TG Project

Mechanical Project: GMD Engineering

Electrical Project: EMP Engineering

Photo credit: ivabox

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