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Gently blended wooden and stone textures unfold serenity in the spacious apartment. This aspect is highlighted with an abundance of verdancy throughout the interior; a vertically lined dining room wall has a large angular shaped protuberance in the center, dedicated to decorative green foliage.

Material moodboard ©Stipfold

Reference Moodboard ©Stipfold

Plan ©Stipfold

Material moodboard ©Stipfold


The dining room is fused with a living room area and a kitchen, although the latter can be separated with a sliding door. The kitchen island is a thick marble sheet folded into slick and acute geometrics.The living room wall is layered with onyx. This concept is repeated in a guest bathroom, but here the walls can be illuminated, radiating a striking dim ember glow.

Living ©Stipfold

Living ©Stipfold

Bathroom ©Stipfold

Living ©Stipfold


An open-plan master bedroom amalgamates a wardrobe and a bathroom, which could be partitioned off if needed. The brown leather elements are integrated into the furniture of the master bedroom and are restated in the kitchen and the living room.


Project Team: Beka Pkhakadze / George Bendelava / Giorgi zakashvili / Levan Gogava

Copywriter: Mika Motskobili

Location: Tbilisi / Georgia

Type: Residential Interior

Area: 180 m2

Year: 2020

Status: In Progress

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