RESET- The Festival Art Souterrain

RESET-  The Festival Art Souterrain

Photo credit: Art Souterrain

 The Festival Art Souterrain, an essential event of the winter season is back for a 12th edition in the heart of the metropolis. Starting from February 29 to March 22, 2020, the festival will provide activities for the whole family. In addition, contemporary art will provide 5 km from Montreal’s underground pedestrian network and 7 off-path locations to present, for 24 days, works of contemporary art by fifty-five local and international artists around the theme RESET. The works chosen by the 4 curators, Juliette Bibasse (France), Marie Perrault (Canada), Dulce Pinzón (Mexico) and Lynn Bannon (Canada), will be available at all times for free. In addition, the Festival will provide more than 50 free mediation and artistic discovery activities.



“And if you could press a button and erase everything, what would you do with this new blank page?” If you were asked to start from scratch, how would you imagine the world? Humanity is at a turning point. Should we persist in our habits or be aware of repetitive patterns to start on a new basis? Changing your routine and changing your habits can lead to intense moments of insecurity. This can lead to painful questioning, even loss of bearings. Climate, economic and political upheavals are at the heart of our news. Individually and collectively, if he wants to survive, humans will soon have to modify their relationship to the world, but also their interpersonal relationships. Is Manichaeism the only solution? Should we think only in terms of utopia and dystopia in order to find paths that have never been marked out? “


The works selected for this 12th edition will allow the public to question and interact with the concept of RESET addressing current matters.



  • Olivier Ratsi

olivier Ratsi will present a serie called “Anarchitechture” in which he will bring guests to question their own perception of space, and the interpretation of our reality.


  • Julie Piché

Artist Julie Piché, will invite spectators to reflect on the proposal for the Festival theme RESET.


  • Les Nivaux

Les Nivaux will take over the Palais des Congrès de Montréal with their work STOP Urgence! asking visitor to take a pause and think about the future, a new life, or a new way of consuming.


  • Anna Ridler

Anna Ridler will offer a series of photographic photos: Myriad (Tulips), an installation made up of 10,000 polaroid photos of Dutch tulips. These images become a “data set” which will allow to train an algorithm so that it “learns,” just like artificial intelligence. 


  • Martin Le Chevallier 

Martin Le Chevallier, particularly interested in inscribing art in public space presents three sorting bins, a trio of everyday objects whose function is strangely diverted. 


  • Sabrina Ratté

Undream by Sabrina Ratté will lead the spectator through an isolated landscape, overhung by a monumental structure. 


The theme RESET will also be addressed through artist Skawennati’s films called machinimas, images of avatars and a collection of clothing developed in a digital environment and calico designs. The artist will occupy the entire shopping gallery of the Centre du Commerce Mondiale de Montréal.


Other artists presented during the Festival are:

Daniel Corbeil, François Couture, Matthias Dörfelt, Jean-Jacques Ader, Margo Majewska, Les Nivaux, Élyse Brodeur Magna, Marc-Antoine Phaneuf, Anna Ridler, SUZANNE, arkadi lavoie-lachapelle, Damien Elliott, Joanie Lemercier, Rubén Martín de Lucas, Sara Létourneau, Les Soeurs Chevalme, JJ LEVINE, Jaqueline van de Geer, Thomas Vaquié, Myriam El Haik, Maxime Loiseau, Boris Pintado, Chloë Cheuk, Pascal Dufaux & Sarah Wendt, Adam Basanta, DISNOVATION, Cabinet de Fumisterie Appliqué, Micheline Durocher, Anaïs Tondeur, François Winants, Dominique Sirois, Alice Blanchet- Gavouyière, Gab More, Caroline Monet, Manuel Díaz, Sean Mundy, Inflatable Deities, Bonnie Baxter, Mehryle Lévisse, Philippe Boisnard, Julia Piccolo, Victoria Block, Marjolijn Dijkman, Philippe Boisnard...and more.


The 12th edition of the Festival Art Souterrain will take place from February 29 to March 22, 2020.



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Eidos–Montreal is a video game studio. The design of their new studio is based on the idea of ‘community’. The brief was very straightforward–‘ once the elevator door opens, you’re at home’. 

“Sometimes we forget that games are first and foremost cultural products. They need environments that encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration, In the 12 years since we opened in Montréal, we’ve gone from 3 to 500 employees. We need to think of the space as a whole—an expression of the sense of community and family that sets us apart.”

-David Anfossi,

Head of Studio at Eidos-Montréal

The residential architecture firm, La SHED, translated the brief. They approached Eidos as a community or a small town village. The studio is organized around an organic plan.

500 people work in the studio spread out on two floors and hence transparency was expected to encourage socializing.  To achieve the transparency two large openings were made into the slab, this satisfied the brief, the minute the elevator opens one can see the size of the office spread on two levels with platform rising on the upper floor.


An open staircase at the center of the studio leads to the upper floors. The common area is unique and reminiscent of a forum: a meeting place where narratives converge.


The idea behind the ceiling:

Triangular metallic frames made of laser-cut parts, bent and interlocked like pieces of a puzzle. Triangular extrusions made of foam of various thicknesses are inserted in the frame. The thickest foam represents the gathering space. Triangular lights inserted in the ceiling create a track throughout the studio indicating the direction of traffic, in the spots where foam is the thickest. The band of the light at the heart of gathering places where the foam is thickest gives a structure to the layout.


“The project rests on the concept of breaking down walls to drive connections and sharing between the studio’s 500 creators, Everything—volume, texture, lighting, visuals—was designed to make the workspace feel like a village where people work together, collaborate and communicate.”

- Yannick Laurin,

architect and founder of La SHED.


Contrast of rustic grade white oak wood against the white walls and ceilings avoid the clinical look of the white office and create a warm welcoming space. 


The function of the space is expressed with different materials:

  • Meeting rooms: Glass walls

  • Reminiscent of tatami rooms: Rice paper sliding walls.

  • The toilets and the kitchen: Glass tile mosaic

  • Sound studios: wallpapered in felt (natural fiber-wool)


The functionality of the studio is conceived such that it creates an amazing sharing, exchanging and communication opportunities.


The studio wants to attract talent and expertise to cultivate their own know-how and innovation in a unique environment with the latest technologies. The space features a new motion capture and high-performance photogrammetry studio, a user research lab, a 4K projection room and a Dolby Atmos® voice recording and mixing studio, among the most cutting-edge in the industry.


The space also features :

  • Montréal-made furniture De Gaspé and Kastella

  • Custom built-ins from Marfoglia

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Élément  is radiating organic light, warmth and producing an illusion of heat in the corner of the Mont-Royal Avenue.

Élément - An art installation designed by Stéphanie Leduc and Manuel Baumann located in des fleurs-de-Macadam- Mont-Royal Avenue and Boyer Street is set until end of april 2020.

The design of élément  inspired by incandescence of a light bulb filament. This installation is a fusion of technology, art and light. The flickering of élément is intended to evoke the intensity of current that flows from one person to another. We human beings are nothing but the most advanced form of a living machine, jammed with energy that we utilize to create, dream, share and receive. After all, we are sum of electrons connected by an invisible guiding thread that is integral to our very essence: The human connection.

This human connection is at the heart of every event and artistic project featured on Mont-Royal Avenue.

The designers Stéphanie Leduc and Manuel Baumann faced a few challenges, they wanted to create a simple universally understood artwork that evokes the warmth created by the light of an incandescent light bulb. The installation consumes the same amount of power as the lighting tha is usually set up to light this place at night.

Élément  glows with a beautiful, red and amber light, it is delicate, linear and vibrant. The art installation is suspended in the air symbolizing the profound belief that the human connection is vital to us in the same way air, water, earth, and fire is.

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