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A passive house construction in the fontainebleau forest

A passive house construction in the fontainebleau forest





Registration closes:  Dec 20th 2019

Submission Deadline: Mar 3rd 2020

Result Announcement: April 2020


By bringing together two contiguous non-constructible plots, Shelle and Xavier are lucky enough to have one of the last building land in the Croix Saint Jérôme sector in Noisy-sur-Ecole (Seine et Marne). This wooded area with its diffuse habitat borders the Massif des TroisPignons, the western part of the particularly wild Fontainebleau forest. The rocky chaos, sandy stretches and vegetation that compose it once served as a backdrop for the Barbizon painters’ school. This massif is the most original natural area in the parisian basin and is an internationally renowned hiking and climbing destination.

Faced with the challenges of climate change and the scarcity of raw materials, every tonne of CO2 emitted and every kWh consumed counts and brings us a little closer to an uncertain future. In France, buildings are the most energy-consuming sector and the second largest emitter of CO2.

Aware of their opportunity, but also of the responsibility that falls to them, the project owners wish to carry out an exemplary project both in terms of environmental performance and aesthetic aspects.
The entire project will have to meet the Passive House certification requirements of the Passivhaus Institute and reach the lowest possible carbon footprint level of the E+C- experiment launched by the French government.



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