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Abode- biophilia in architecture

Abode- biophilia in architecture





Launch March 13, 2020
Registration closes: 28th Sep 2020
Submission Deadline: 6th Oct 2020
Result Announcement: 3rd Dec 2020


The Biophilia hypothesis outlines a fundamental tendency in human beings to be attracted to nature and emulate its processes and structures in everyday life. Some biophilia advocates even believe that humans have developed a lifestyle far removed from what may be considered natural, and biophilic design may foster happiness and well-being among us. Thus, when applied to architecture, it is indeed a welcome call for more sustainable and human centric design.

Modern lifestyles seem to have not only taken a toll on our mental well-being, but our cities as well. As a result of the density/space paradigm, most of them have transformed into vast concrete jungles, resulting in increasingly reduced avenues for human interaction with nature. However, Biophilia in buildings, when applied correctly, serves much more than mere aesthetic. Despite its immensely therapeutic impacts in workplaces, where biophilic design has yielded tangible positive impacts on employee productivity, well-being and mental health, the proliferation of Biophilia as a practice, especially in residences where we inevitably end up spending the most time in our lives, remains severely limited. As a result, mostof us make do with a single residence throughout our life, that too one lacking natural provisions that constitute a better quality of life.



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