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Arch2o photography challenge 2021

Arch2o photography challenge 2021





Opening Call for Entries August 15th, 2021
Early Bird Registration
Enter before September 10th, 2021
Students $30 | Non-Students $45
Regular Registration
Enter before September 30, 2021
Students $40 | Non-Students $55
Late Registration
Enter before October 15, 2021
Students $50 | Non-Students $65


The growing obsession with visual documentation is giving us a chance to learn more about our architectural context. After we build, the Architecture rebuilds and frames our stories. Taking a photo of a building might be easy, but telling a story through it is quite challenging!
Prizes For Top Winners
Publication in Arch2O’s Annual Feature “100 Photos About Architecture”
1st Prize : X-AIRCROSS 2
2nd Prize : X-go HR Chameleon
3rd Prize : Mogo FireKit
100 finalists will be published in Special Annual Feature “100 Photos About Architecture“, to be distributed to Arch2O’s community including 100,000 newsletter subscribers and 2.5+ million social media followers!
Competition Brief 
It is required to SUBMIT ONE PHOTOGRAPH that conveys the sense of its place – Whether through capturing how a building or a group of buildings exist within their context, or how people and objects experience and interact with these buildings.
The photograph can be taken anywhere in the world, at any scale, and from whichever angle.
It can, as well, frame a group of buildings, a whole building, or close-up architectural details.
Any photo that portrays architecture as its main element is eligible.
Your photograph should be submitted alongside a short description that does not exceed 150 words.



Click the above link for more details.


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