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Artilla - competition to design an artist resort

Artilla - competition to design an artist resort





Registration deadline: 14th Jan 2022 - 24th Jan 2022
Submission deadline:  25th Jan 2022
Result Announcement: 24th Mar 2022


The magic of art
Art has been defined and redefined as per every individual's perception. Across the world, art, in general, has been regarded as a very broad phenomenon, comprising various different art forms and their varied ways of expression.

It has been said that art is the nearest we can ever go to magic. For art is as simple and as complicated as we make it to be. It's more about our perception of it than what it actually is. There are a thousand ways how we can romanticize and explain the art forms and the way it has shaped us across decades. It remains one of the most fascinating and enchanting cultural and public elements around the world; irrespective of the mode or medium of its practice. It never fails to awe the observer.

Generally what seems like strokes of brush and paints on the canvas hold a large meaning behind them.

There is a large part in art and the art world that seems too far and different to be understood by everyone.

Brief of the Competition
How can an artist-specific design aid the process of creation?
Can architectural intervention help in the physiological and psychological well be of the same? Can this intervention not only aid individual artists but also artists as a community?

Brief: The aim of this challenge is to create a cottage resort for the artists, which can serve as a space to aid and support the artist’s art creation process.

The resort design will act as a getaway space for the artists for their vacations and will function specific to this focus group, offering a design that aids the artist's needs. Artists' visual art is considered to be the main focus group of this challenge.

Space has to be the one where the artist is able to create his art, relax and enjoy the context and scenic beauty around it. As well as being able to interact with fellow artists while still being able to reside privately in their own space.
 Winner - $6000
Runner Up - $1400 x 6
Hon Mention - $600 x 12
People's Choice - $600 x 4



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