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Cinema futurismo

Cinema futurismo





Launch February 5,2020

Submission Deadline: 11th Aug, 2020

Public Voting begins: 1st Sep, 2020

Public Voting ends: 26th Sep, 2020

Result Announcement: 8th Oct, 2020


Cinema Futurismo: Architecture Competition
The realm of entertainment, its notions, responsibilities and media of representation are a constantly transforming landscape. Within that, there is no sphere broader than that of films to encompass that fully. Cinema, a medium considered to be an immensely accessible and influential one, has come a long way, both in its production and exhibition. From moving images on celluloid constituting the first minute long films, to the first feature length film, the introduction of sound, colour, 3D, and later computer-generated imagery, to entirely machinated and highly sophisticated projection systems on the largest screens possible today, the display of films has been on an ever upward curve. Film technology has gone on to encompass formats including IMAX, RealD, 4DX, Dolby, DoubleD, Atmos, and VR aiming to transform an individual’s theatre going experience to a more holistic, near otherworldly one. Still, the film viewing experience stands to be further completely turned around in the coming decade.
Furthermore, this advancement in technology has proven to be a double-edged sword for cinema. With growing sophistication in the production and exhibition of films, streaming services on mobile devices too have made huge strides. Amid stiff competition, huge production costs, rising discontent among viewers, and no guarantee of a fruitful return, will the cinema theatre thrive? For doing so, it will have to evolve.



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