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Earth-made - building a modern mud house

Earth-made - building a modern mud house





Launch May 4,2020
Registration Ends: 19thOct, 2020
Submission Deadline: 3rd Nov, 2020
Result Announcement: 31stDec, 2020


The art of building with earth is an ancient one that has stood through the test of time. Archaeological evidence can date entire cities constructed of earth back over 10,000 years - City of Bam, Persia, Babylon, Yemen and the great wall of china are the few examples.
Modern fashion of 20th century created a break in the millennia old developments – with earth being exploited and polluted with processed materials. Although earthen construction has been widely used for centuries, it has been subjected to criticism due to a series of misconceptions. It has been associated with limited technique, last resort when no other building material is available, and particularly vulnerable to seismic events. On the contrary, history has proved that earthen architecture has been adopted by choice.
Another major roadblock for practicing earth architecture is the misbelief that houses made of earth can attain maximum height of 1-2 stories. The lack of possible vertical planning leads to over exploitation of land as a resource. However, Shibam, a city in Yemen debunks the above belief by building mud towers (100ft) built in the 16th century.
If humankind could attain this with limited technology and knowledge, why can’t we build it better today?
Despite the fact that mud has proven to be beneficial in various aspect, why is it that it’s not used more often? Is it the problem of mud itself or is this merely a problem of modern mind?



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