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Mobitecture | habitat on the move

Mobitecture | habitat on the move





Registration Deadline: 25th May 2021
Submission Deadline: 1st June 2021
Result Announcement: 25th June 2021


‘To live is to travel.’
Humans are nomadic by instinct.

In the broader evolution of humankind through time, the notion of settling down to make home and hearth is relatively a recent phenomenon that has created more problems than solved for the species.

Humans have survived in spite of many forms of climatic events, natural disasters, disease, and epidemics visiting us, making life and living fragile and impermanent.

This may often be resulting in the total extinction of settlements, forced migrations, and the need to make fresh beginnings.

‘We have not inherited the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children.’

To live in harmony with other forms of life on earth and with nature as a whole should have come naturally to us, but that has not been the case. In particular, the damage was done by the unprecedented pace of change over the last century or so has brought us face to face with the precipice that we find ourselves in the midst of.

The world’s urban population already at more than 50% of the total world population is projected to multiply many folds in the very near future. As a species, a nervous one at present, are we ready or equipped to face the challenge of this magnitude or is our response going to be like always; finding yet another solution to a problem created by a previous solution?

‘…. Progress is the realization of utopias.’
We have the freedom to revisit the evolutionary choices made by our forefathers, we have the freedom to question the wisdom of our stationery, sedentary and synthetic lifestyle that we are caught up in. We have the option to fall in line with other forms of life that inhabit the planet earth and restart living in harmony with the immediate and distant natural forces. Reality or Utopia?

The ongoing Corona Pandemic has brought into sharp focus the fragility of the human condition. In particular, it has reminded us of the need to be prepared for adjusting the way we live and organize our habitat, to be ever ready to adapt to myriad challenges brought about by the unpredictable forces of nature or by the self-destructive actions of humans.



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