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Off the grid -can you design a tiny home?

Off the grid -can you design a tiny home?





Registration deadline: 30th June 2022 
AR (advanced registration): 4TH March 2022 – 20TH March 2022 
ER(early registration): 21ST March 2022 – 3RD April 2022 
SRL1 (standard registration level 1): 4TH April 2022 – 20TH April 2022 
SRL2 (standard registration level 2): 21ST April 2022 – 3RD May 2022 
SRL3 (standard registration level 3): 4TH May 2022 – 20TH May 2022 
SRL4 (standard registration level 4): 21ST May 2022 – 3RD June 2022 
LR (late registration): 4TH June 2022 – 20TH June 2022 
CR(countdown registration): 21ST June 2022 – 30th June 2022 
Submission deadline: 15th July 2022 

Result Announcement: 30th August 2022


Tiny house: an eco-friendly housing solution. 

Our lives are dependent on the systems that complete our housing requirements, what happens if these grid systems fail? The sustainable approach to housing is important for human survival. Can we design our dream home within the limit of 37sq.m. and off the grid? With spaces that fulfill all the basic functioning of the house most innovatively and effectively. Explore your capacity to come up with ideas that can fit within the limited space, mainly focusing on sustainability.

This competition aims to address the issue of:
Dependency of housing systems on the grid system 
The ever increasing wants over needs 
The financial constraints 
The exploitation of Nature – impact on the environments 
Encroaching the space of other living beings 

Design a home that matches the idea of your dream home with all the necessary functions at only one condition that it should be ‘off the grid’. Home for a maximum of two people with interesting and innovative spaces. 

Keywords: Off‐grid, Tiny Home, Sustainable Home



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