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Open call: layer 2.0 - extension on a modernist building in tel aviv-yafo

Open call: layer 2.0 - extension on a modernist building in tel aviv-yafo





Submission deadline: 28th February 2022
Registration deadline: 28th February 2022


In the 21st century, most metropolitan areas are characterized by dense construction. Considering both the forecasts of population growth and the limited land reserves, future urban renewal projects will inevitably involve new building additions above existing structures, creating a new urban layer. Tel Aviv-Jaffa is inadvertently becoming a living lab, where new construction integrates with the conservation of the UNESCO listed heritage zone, located in the heart of the city.
We invite planners to re-examine alternatives and best practices for innovative, creative, and original building additions on top of the modernist buildings of the 30’. The competition also invites to explore how to plan new building additions while referencing current issues of communal solidarity and sustainability.
The task is to design a concept for a building addition in Tel Aviv Yafo, the addition will consist of 2.5 floors on top of a listed building. The design itself should refer to the original building and its surrounding block and urban landscape. No minimum size or number of residential units per block is defined. The proposals should be flexible enough to adapt in different sizes with different inhabitant capacity requirements.
Prize fund total: 25,000€
First Prize: 10,000€
Second Prize: 5,000€
Third Prize: 2,000€
First Prize Students: 5,000€
Second Prize Students: 2,000€
Third Prize Students: 1,000€
Jury Panel
Arch. Louisa Hutton – Architect, Germany
Prof. Guido Spars – Founding director of the Bundesstiftung Bauakademie, Germany
Arch. Ganit Mayslits Kassif – Architect, Israel
Arch Udi Carmely – City Engineer, Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality
Arch. Jürgen Mayer H – Architect, Germany
Arch. Daniel Strassburger – Architect, Israel
Prof. Ralf Niebergall – Vice President, Federal Chamber of German Architects
Dr. Jeremie Hoffmann – Head of Conservation dep. Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality
Arch. Sharon Golan Yaron – Architect, Israel



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