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Open international architecture & urban planning competition

Open international architecture & urban planning competition





Submission Deadline: Jan 21st 2020


One of the most beautiful Russian cities, the city of Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia), hosted a press conference at the launch of the Open International Architecture and Urban Planning Competition for the development of a master plan for the territory adjacent to the Almetyevsk Reservoir on the Stepnoy Zay river. Almetyevsk is an oil capital of the Republic of Tatarstan with the headquarter of PJSC TATNEFT, which is the 5th largest oil company in Russia. The press-conference took place on November 27, 2019 at the press center of the Tatar-inform news agency, one of the major media centers in Russia.

The competition is of particular importance as one of the most remarkable projects, aimed at the rehabilitation of compromised land plots and the preservation of valuable natural resources caused by production work when creating and locating infrastructure facilities. At the end of the competition, the results of environmental rehabilitation from man-made impact can be applied on similar sites both in Russia and all over the world.
The competition will take place from November 27, 2019 through April 23, 2020. Invited to participate in the competition are Russian and foreign professional organizations in the field of integrated land development and urban planning, architecture, design, development of concepts for the development of public spaces, master planning, who are able to attract specialists in economics, finance, and content programming. The total prize fund will be 14,500,000 rubles.

The jury consists of representatives of state authorities of the Republic of Tatarstan and the municipal body “Almetyevsk city”, experts in integrated land development, ecology and specially protected natural areas, economics and spatial planning, marketing and communications, technologies and innovations, as well as representatives of the initiator of the competition. The jury is chaired by Nail Maganov, General Director of PJSC TATNEFT. The international curator of the competition is British Professor, Guy Eames, academician of the RAACS, co-founder and Chairman of the Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC).

The initiators of the competition are the Administration of the city of Almetyevsk and PJSC TATNEFT named after V.D. Shashin. The competition is supported by the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. The operator of the Competition is the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER.



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