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Parkx – designing for a driverless future

Parkx – designing for a driverless future





Launch on Jan 3rd 2020

Registration closes: May 19th 2020
Submission Deadline: May 29th 2020
Public Voting begins: Jun 9th 2020
Public Voting ends: Jun 30th 2020
Result Announcement: Jul 8th 2020


Parking spaces are nothing more than a paradox. It’s a parcel of land that’s so vacant but so crucial that drive how city is perceived and functions. 
It’s a common reality how building plans are only approved with adequate or surplus units of these vacant spaces. It’s no surprise our cities look like more of parking and less of life in any time soon. This shows how parking spaces have Zero function but have a very inflated value associated to them.
But something’s about to that will surely alienate their presence in the coming decades. 
Cars are currently operated by humans, who require generous carriageways - visible demarcation and a lot more services (like ventilation, lighting, etc.) to actually function the way they need to. But what if humans are not driving at all? 
A future of driving where people not driving is closer than ever. The two parameters that drive this massive shift in auto industry are: 1. Autonomous driving - Which enables cars to behave like hyper accurate machines that have surgical precision on street and 2. Transportation as a Service - Shifting in ownership modes of cars are showing signs of decline where people are realizing services like Uber and Lyft are a cheaper alternative to things.
Assume a situation - the city becomes like a huge mega skyscraper - vast in expanse. So vast; that only lifts get you across the floor above. The zero ownership of transportation is a scenario when transportation across the city is so smooth - that nobody has to own cars and cars roam around the city like lifts reaching various levels on a skyscraper. 
And as decreasing ownership approaches - the thought comes to what will happen to so much human centric parking available around the world? Will there be dead spaces of nothingness? Will these make our cities unsafe? There will be a new kind of parking spaces rolled out for self-driving cars that will not need light, or natural ventilation - while cars can be stored underground/above ground through narrow lifts.
These unusually large parking spaces will create zero functional activity and we will have a surplus of land back at us again.



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