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Pura - designing safe interfaces between humans and nature

Pura - designing safe interfaces between humans and nature





Registration Closes: 8 Mar 2021
Submission Deadline: 9 Mar 2021
Result Announcement: 6 May 2021


Evolution and origination of humankind have been cradled by planet earth and its range of living species. We formed a part of the ecosystem which coexisted with all other forms of fauna that had emanated from the same. Since the period of evolution began, humans attained complete consciousness in a shorter span. With this emerged an inevitable era of development, changing the scenario of the natural environment and humans that had been prevailing for centuries.

Gradually the changing relationships of the elements, namely ecosphere and humans reiterated their composition in the environment. There was a detachment established in the wake of development. The alliance we shared was not symbiotic anymore, creating invisible barriers that had never existed previously. The distance that grew with the thriving urban domain has now asymmetrically depleted the wildlife and its diversity.

The virtual walls that built two different environments have in a way protected and preserved the wildlife. Should the disassociation that has been built parallelly be existing as well?

The subconscious learning that takes place due to an interaction with nature and its components is essentially invaluable. When we started building civilizations and began living in clusters, their contact with nature remained closely knit, until the past five decades. The encroachments of land for food and living became indispensable.

Eventually, the unprecedented growth leads to the creation of a barrier that protects them from their depleting habitat. It was necessary to maintain limits to prevent a complete override by humans. The growth trajectory of humankind that we see today is inevitable which initiated this shift in the ecosystem.

National Parks, Wildlife sanctuaries are refuge created for preserving the Fauna and Flora where the Animal diversity thrives. Such regions also house unplanned interfaces to allow us to percolate which are commonly human-centric that needs to change.



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