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Retreat centre | healing architecture – design competition

Retreat centre | healing architecture – design competition





Registration Deadline: 28th Feb 2022
Submission Deadline: 10th Mar 2022
Result announcement: 10th Apr 2022


This competition intends to understand spaces of the built environment and its effect on human mind and behavior. Every space has some effect on our mind depending on the quality of that space. We as human beings have an inner connection with our environment by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual means. Architecture that fosters various levels of controlled interaction between people and space.

To understand the effect of built environment on Human Mind.

• A space that induces positivity.
• Design a facility for people to rejuvenate their emotional and physical states.
• A retreat centre focusing on individual self-renewal through several types of retreats. (Types of retreat to be decided by the participant).
Our competitions don’t bind the participant in briefs and let the individual come up with varied approach to a single architectural problem. We provide basic guidelines to design your own brief.

Competition Brief guidelines:
Site Selection:
• The site is not specified as we expect the participants to come up with an interesting site (natural context) to design a retreat centre.
• The site can be in any part of the world.
• The site area can be decided considering your functional needs.

Design Program details:
• Functional requirements to decided by the participant (Mention the selection and reasoning for your functions in the panel)
• The program can consist of a single function or various functions, depending on your approach.

Basic Submission requirements:
• Presentation Board (Min: 1 Maximum 5 no. | size: A1, Landscape format)
• Text summary (min 300 words, explaining the reasoning for the design program and brief)



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