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Santa pvt ltd.

Santa pvt ltd.





Registration deadline: 10th February 2022
Submission deadline: 15th February 2022

The submission deadline for all the participants who registered 
from 20th October to 10th November is 22nd February 2022

Result announcement: 28th FEBRUARY 2021

*All the Deadlines are 23:59 - 24:00 IST (INDIA)

The following dates can be a subject of modification, if necessary.


Every year, this time around, Santa’s factory’s lights are turned on… the jingles of the little bells on their shoes fill the factory, as the elves will be working there for the next few weeks alongside Santa deciding on what gifts need to be delivered to children across the globe.

Now, we all know Santa has a list of all the children in which all their goods and bads are enlisted. The decision of what is to be gifted is made on the basis of that list only. So, for the next few weeks, Santa will be sitting in that factory, sipping some hot chocolate, and pounding over that list assigning a present to every kid across the globe. The assigned gift will be manufactured and wrapped in the factory by elves. Then these presents will make their way throughout the globe and under the trees covered with ornaments, with a name and a wish.

Now, for these few weeks, the factory is going to be the home for elves and Santa needs to make sure his elves are comfortable and enjoy doing their work. Obviously they are going to need dwellings to sleep, a place to eat and somewhere to relax after a long shift.

Hence, comes your part.



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