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Solace | calmness amongst chaos

Solace | calmness amongst chaos





Registration deadline: 18th October 2021
Submission deadline: 19th October 2021
Result announcement:16th  December 2021


Reading is almost an involuntary action that any literate person performs, even if it may be as basic as reading the news on your mobile device to read books obsessively. Reading has transformed from analog form to digital to now, even podcasts, with audios that read to you.

While content can be consumed in, either way, the state of mind in which a reader is, is what determines the effectiveness of the activity. A preoccupied mind refuses to take in new information and similarly, outward distractions can hinder the effectiveness of reading where one can read the same linemultiple times with nothing registering in their minds.

For avid readers, hindrances caused by internal or external reasons have the capability to upset their routine and alter their mental health as well. Sources suggest that it might be adaptive or pathological anxiety that pushes people to feel like, once they’ve lost the habits that used to comfort them, they cannot get back to it.

How can the stress from not being able to read in a cozy ambiance be alleviated?

Out of the many structures we build for work, most are designed to foster social interaction and team building, and so on, but when it comes to creating private spaces, there is a lack of forethought. Such spaces are necessary to help clear their mind or have a quiet introspective time, be it for reading, meditating or even taking a nap.

The design of such spaces in work environments or institutionsmust be given priority. A general lack of such spaces discourages people from taking time out to relax, from their busy schedule. Providing a space for such people, that can be used when needed and compact enough to be transported or carried with, would be a lifesaver.

While there have been a few products in the market that are able to facilitate visual privacy as a temporary means of isolation, they are solutions that fail to cover the audio factor. The idea of taking required private time in our busy schedules each day will be able to gain traction with the availability of products that can help us take this time most conveniently.



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